Living and experiencing culture, citizenship, and leadership in the Global Leadership Living Learning Community creates cross-culturally savvy problem definers and problem solvers. Global Leadership teams complete projects applying culture-based leadership perspectives to global challenges in technical, social, and political arenas.


The Global Leadership Living Learning Community helps students gain knowledge and skills, equipping them to problem-define and problem-solve in international and global contexts.  This project-based course allows small, rotating teams of GLLLC students to look at the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, determining what leadership looks like related to each goal in a particular regional and cultural context.


Georgia Tech's Global Leadership community explores Atlanta as the line between global and local blurs.  Students are able to travel the world without leaving the City of Atlanta by taking advantage of the rich resources and opportunities at their fingertips.  Armed with a heightened awareness of cultural diversity and empathy, we encourage students to maximize the impact of their formal education by learning more about the city and people around them.



The Global Leadership Living Learning Community is a launching pad for students to access global opportunities at Tech.  Fifty-four percent of Georgia Tech's undergraduate students have a significant experience abroad before they graduate. Nearly every student in the GLLLC intends to have at least one international experience before graduation, while others will study, work, research, and/or serve abroad multiple times while at Tech through the IP.

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