Student Action Teams

All Global Leadership students have the option to contribute to the Living Learning Community by collaborating on a Student Action Team of their choosing. Student Actions Teams will plan events of that team's focus for the entire GL community. Each Student Action Team will manage their own budget of $500 per semester and will elect officers to oversee the group’s events and budget.
Although participation in a Student Action Team is not required, it is highly encouraged.



Culture & Festivities - The Culture & Festivities team supports cultural awareness, encourages diversity, and educates the GL community on US and international cultures and traditions. They will be responsible for discovering and celebrating cultural events related to religion, holiday traditions, and more on campus and in the Atlanta area. This team will also organize events, excursions, activities, and trips related to culture and tradition.  They will share and celebrate popular worldwide holidays with the community—utilizing the diverse backgrounds already present in our community.


Global Cuisine - The Global Cuisine team is for the foodies of Global Leadership. This student action team will be responsible for highlighting international cuisine through food preparation in the community, visiting diverse restaurants and groceries, and attending area food festivals.  Whether planning an excursion to Buford Highway, exploring Atlanta’s local, sustainable food options at farmers’ markets, or getting involved with the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project, the Global Cuisine student action team will find delicious ways for GL students to tap into local and global cultures located in the Atlanta area.


Sports & Wellness - The Sport and Health team will be responsible for organizing outings to various sporting events on campus and in Atlanta, as well as promoting wellness events and opportunities for the community.  This student action team will support those interested in actively playing sports, as well as those who like to watch and tailgate. Whether playing pick-up soccer, signing GL up for competitive basketball in intramurals, or organizing weekly yoga, this will be an active group.  Students will also check out and promote opportunities to follow GT and Atlanta athletic events.


Nature & Environment - The Nature & Environment team will work to promote an eco-friendly living space within the Global Leadership residence halls, as well as in the Georgia Tech community and beyond. This team will support environmentally-focused initiatives on campus and propose new ideas & solutions aimed at creating a more sustainable world. Whether supporting recycling drives or volunterring to plant trees at the Atlanta BeltLine, the Nature & Environment team will be proactive in efforts to create a greener community.


Yearbook Staff - The Yearbook Staff team will be responsible for gathering photos and video footage from the various Global Leadership events throughout the year. This team will also be responsible for communicating different events to the community to encourage students to be as involved as possible. This team will help capture some of the greatest moments throughout the year and perhaps create a yearbook for the 2019 - 2020 Global Leadership class. 


Service & Outreach - The Service & Outreach team will look for opportunities to educate students, faculty, and staff at Georgia Tech, as well as individuals in the local community, on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Additionally, this team will seek out opportunities for community service projects throughout the year for the team and the entire GL community. 


My World 360 Virtual Reality - The VR team will create videos around Georgia Tech and Atlanta, documenting ways in which one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are being achieved or highlighting where they need more work. The films will be shown to campus during International Education Week in November and submitted in a monthly global student competition.