1. Do I have to be admitted to Georgia Tech before I can apply to the Global Leadership LLC program? 

Yes. Please complete an application for admission to Georgia Tech at http://www.admission.gatech.edu/.

2. Is the Global Leadership Living Learning Community a part of the GT Freshmen Experience Residence Halls? 

Yes. Global Leadership is a part of the GT Freshmen Experience program. Perry and Matheson Residence Halls (on GT East campus) houses the Global Leadership LLC.  For additional information on GT residence life (e.g. view of the room, building, description of Freshmen Experience, etc.), please see www.housing.gatech.edu.

3. My friend has been admitted to Georgia Tech, but he/she is not interested in joining the Global Leadership LLC. Can we still be roommates?

Unfortunately, the first three floors of Perry and Matheson are reserved for Global Leadership participants only. Keep in mind that if you both live on East Campus, you will probably be within 400 yards of their dorm.

4. Does the Global Leadership LLC cost more than a traditional Freshmen Experience Residence Hall?  

The Global Leadership LLC will have a base cost equivalent to Freshmen Program Experience Residence Halls on campus plus a $400 program fee per semester to cover academic programming, social activities, and excursions associated with the program.  For housing rates, please see http://housing.gatech.edu/rates/Pages/default.aspx 

5. What if I’ve already signed up for a dorm through housing?

No worries! When you decide to join Global Leadership, we will work with housing to make sure that you are placed in Perry or Matheson with everyone else.

6. I have questions regarding the LLC application and timeline. Where can I find more information?

Information regarding the LLC application and timeline can be found here.

7. Who may I contact regarding additional questions about the Global Leadership LLC?  

Please email Allison Noffsinger (allison.noffsinger@oie.gatech.edu) or Tyler Davis (tyler.davis@oie.gatech.edu).