A marketing image with a navy background, SDG tiles framing the GL logo surround in a circle with the sdg colors and the text, "Interested in Global Leadership? Apply now!"

All admitted first-year Georgia Tech students are eligible to apply to join the Global Leadership Living Learning Community.  The Global Leadership staff reads all applications, selecting the students who best fit our vibrant and inquisitive intercultural community.  Your entire application will be considered as we learn about your high school activities and interests, your desire to expand your horizons through international outreach, and by evidence of your dedication to "transform our world" through your discipline at Georgia Tech. 

Wondering if you'd be a good fit for Global Leadership?  Does the below persona seem like you?  If so, you should definitely consider applying!

"I like being around people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and I think learning about new cultures is interesting and valuable. I definitely want to study, work, or volunteer abroad at some point while I’m in college, and I may join the International Plan or do a globally focused minor. I’m interested in global sustainability and development issues related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, or peace and justice."

Learn more about the LLC application process here.