Global Leadership students will have many opportunities throughout the year to propose, experience, and lead innovative activities that apply intercultural learning concepts to help them understand the meaning and practice of global citizenship.  The Office of International Education also has staff trained to facilitate intercultural activities that promote effective communication and collaboration among people from different cultures (and that’s most of us since culture is a vast concept that includes much more than one’s national culture). Knowing key concepts of intercultural communication and participating in active learning can help develop intercultural competence.

Students will participate in intercultural learning opportunities during the fall Global Leadership course, as well as through extracurricular events offered to GL students throughout the year.  Global Leadership students are encouraged to participate in the ICEBERG Intercultural Learning Series, offered both in the fall and spring semesters, which helps student gain intercultural competencies, as well as a Blockchain credential to be displayed on their LinkedIn profiles.

The ICEBERG Intercultural Learning Series is a 3-part program for undergraduate students at GT.  This program addresses various topics, including improving communication abilities, developing intercultural skills, and navigating cultural differences.  Students build community by engaging with other students at GT, developing skills to recognize cultural differences and the tools to advance their own understanding, gaining self-awareness, empathy, and adaptability, so they may navigate new challenges at GT, abroad, and in their future careers.