By accepting the invitation to join the Global Leadership Living Learning Community, you will be required to take two, 3-hour courses. You will take a Global Leadership course in the Fall and a GT course from the GL course list in the Spring. These courses will be taken as part of your regular class load and both are required to participate in the LLC. Global Leadership is a full year (2 semester) commitment. Additionally, you are agreeing to live in Perry or Matheson Residence Hall for the Fall and Spring semesters and pay a $400 student activity fee each semester.

By accepting the Global Leadership invitation, you are making a one year commitment to the program.  You are also agreeing to attend the mandatory GLLLC retreats typically held at the beginning of each semester.

Summary of Requirements:
    •    Live in Perry or Matheson Residence Hall Fall and Spring Semesters
    •    Two 3-Hour Courses 
    •    $400/Semester Fee
    •    Mandatory Retreats